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Carbonomics: How to Fix the Climate and Charge It to OPEC
by Steven Stoft.  Get full Amazon service and our author's discount too.
  • Explained, a year ahead, why Copenhagen would fail.
"Developing countries will not accept internationally set caps. … a global carbon price can provide a fair and effective standard, and it is the best hope for international cooperation."  —Carbonomics, 2008
  • Presents the Kyoto alternative explained on this website
  • Shows how to use oil security to bring China on board with climate
  • The carbon "untax" advocated by James Hansen
  • "Cap and dividend" (as in the Cantwell-Collins bill)
  • Why cap and trade ran into trouble in the US
Solid economics presented for a general audience.

Review in Foreign Affairs
[Carbonomics] offers a clear and cogent argument for why a carbon tax—or, rather, a carbon untax—is likely to be greatly superior to a cap-and-trade system.
—Richard N. Cooper, Harvard University

"Exposes the hidden side of energy policies ... Stoft is a truly subtle and skilled economist ... makes a very important contribution to the solution of the world's most urgent problem."
—George Akerlof, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics

"Carbonomics provides a clear and compelling exposition of the key issues in an essential read for policy makers."
—William Hogan, Prof. of Global Energy Policy, JFK School of Gov., Harvard

"It is refreshing to see a first-rate economist expose the myth that price is all important but efficiency programs are worthless."
—Art Rosenfeld, “father of energy efficiency,” winner, 2005 Enrico Fermi Award 

"Carbonomics gives us new recipes for policies that jointly cure two plagues: energy insecurity and climate change."
—Jean-Michel Glachant, Prof. of European Energy Policy, Florence, Italy

"Insightful and engaging ... A must-read for all policy makers and voters."
—Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland