GEP Center Documents:
11-01Global Climate Games: Pricing & Green-Fund Cooperation 
10-08Kyoto's Climate Game and How to Fix ItSumitted to Econ Voice
10-07International Climate Games: From Caps to CooperationSubmitted
10-06Renewable Fuel and the Global Rebound EffectResearch Paper
10-05World Bank: Global Carbon Pricing with Game TheoryTalk May 20
10-04Game Theory for Global Climate PolicyResearch Paper
10-03 Carbon Price: A Better Climate CommitmentRFF Blog Post
10-02 World Bank: Global Carbon Pricing Talk Feb. 24
10-01 Cap versus Tax after Copenhagen Issue Brief
09-08 China and India's Carbon Intensity Commitments Issue Brief
09-07 Pricing Is a Better Climate Commitment The Economists' Voice
09-06 Global Carbon Pricing Research Paper
09-05 Beyond Kyoto e-Book
09-04 Global Rebound vs. California's Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Issue Brief
09-03 CDM and Sectoral Crediting Research Paper
09-02 War over Caps Issue Brief
09-01 A Tax Swap Is like Adding a Carbon Capitation Tax Research Paper
08-01 Carbonomics: How to Fix the Climate and Charge it to OPEC Book
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