Cancun Climate-Change Conference News

Top Daily News of the Cancun Climate Conference
When is the Cancun climate-change summit conference?  November 29 through December 10, 2010.

Sept. 13, China says rich-poor divide still dogs climate pact talks

Sept. 3, Green-Fund Favored, U.S. says it must link to climate actions

Aug. 3, U.S. fails on climate legislation: Stern says it doesn't matter.

July 1, India at Major Economies Forum: Ramesh demands principle of cumulative per-capita emissions. 

June 14, Bonn conclusion: Saudi's cause trouble

June 13, Figueres gets it right: Certainty from caps is not in the cards

June 11, New climate deal blueprint -- same as the old but more so. 

June 10, Oil Producing Nations block UN Climate Study. See also Express India

June 9, Christiana Figueres calls for more ambition

June 7, EU clarifies climate aid plan

June 6, Mexico warns climate deal in doubt

June 3, Warmer sea turned cyclone Phet ominous --The Hindu

June 1, Bonn climate negotiations begin.

May 31, Rich-poor rifts stall Bonn conference.

May 27, BASIC Countries find Trojan Horses in Copenhagen Accord -- Times of India

May 24, Figueres view of Cancun

May 23, Mexico vows to recover trust for Cancun climate conference, Source: Xinhua

May 20, UN's climate text talks of Copenhagen Accord

May 18, New U.N. climate chief faces widening rich-poor split.   Global-Energy Center explains why

May 17, US Climate bill cuts aid to global forests

May 17, UN names Figueres, of Costa Rica to replace De Boer.

May 14, Logistics of Cancun: Two venues

May 12, UN Climate Talks Fracturing. The dispute, said the UN diplomat leading the talks, makes it unlikely an agreement will be finished when this year’s global warming discussions conclude in December in Cancun, Mexico.

May 12, $4.25 bln pledged over 4 yrs. for Global Environment Facility. Since 1991 it's given ou $8.7 bln.

May 12, US Senate Climate bill unveiled. 17% cut from 2005 as expected.

May 10, UN report on coral, ocean acidification, CO2, and biodiversity.

May 9, Climate talks at dead end, say India -- Hindustan Times

May 7, "Politician" leads race to replace De Boer.  China hold climate forum.

May 7, The Copenhagen blow-up -- All the versions. 

May 5, India toughens stand in runup to Mexico -- Times of India

May 5, Leaked Tape of Copenhagen stand-off -- Der Spiegel

May 5, Petersberg dialogue ends with optimism -- China Daily

May 4, Mexico's Cancun web site opens to the public

May 4, Germany, Mexico call Petersberg meeting helpful, but there is little progress.

May 3, De Boer says Kyoto Risks Collapse. Perhaps Cancun can do the groundwork. A treaty would take more time.

May 1, Petersberg climate dialogue, near Bonn (2 to 4 May) is prep for Bonn Meetings from 31 May to 11 June.

April 30, Germany & Mexico word together on Cancun

April 28, Saudi's say no to climate policies like "like reducing oil imports."

April 25, Russia says Kyoto replacement treaty will not be signed at Cancun

April 23, BASIC Countries to discuss discuss how long the Kyoto Protocol will survive.

April 22, Chavez proposes to send thousands to Cancun

April 20, The view form India: "we won't get anything done in Cancun"

April 19, Focus on finance at Major Economies meeting.

April 16, US seeks ideas for Cancun

April 16, India considers shift on per-capita emissions norms 

April 12, Confidential US document reveals US Cancun policy -- The Guardian

April 10, Mexico plans on small private meetings for Cancun

April 10, EDF's Petsonk: countries should take minimum action before benefiting from a $125 billion carbon market

April 9, US denies climate aid to countries that oppose Copenhagen accord. (Denmark does too.)

April 8, China's view of The Copenhagen Accord and progress toward Cancun

April 7, US to Host Major Economies meeting on climate, April 18 & 19th.

April 6, Summary of Copenhagen Accord's 4 new entities: REDD, Green Fund, Financing Panel, Techno-Panel

April 2, Bali's two-track process vs. Copenhagen Accord. Four meeting leadings to Cancun conference?

April 1, Climate Advisory Group meets in London to figure Finance. Summers, Stern, Soros etc.

March 31, De Boer says Cancun should take a holistic approach. Legal agreement unlikely till end of 2011.

March 30, EU endorses moving beyond the United Nations for the first time.

March 26, EU recommits to a 30% cut if other developed countries match it and developing countries ...

March 25, De Boer on Cancun. Long interview: financing, fix Kyoto, legally binding, basis for 2011 treaty.

March 25, IMF suggests Green Fund; member countries reject plan.

March 23, China tells EU: 'Put pressure on US over climate, not developing countries'

March 18, Germany to host climate conference in early May, to kick-start negotiations ahead of Cancun.

March 16, UN News Center: Progress

March 15, Mexico's Environment Minister, Quesada, sketches agenda for Cancun conference.

March 3, Financing should be the focus before the summit, Yvo de Boer said.

Feb. 27, Reaching an agreement at the 2011 summit should be the focus of the Cancun 2010 conference.

Feb. 18, Factbox: What next for the Kyoto Protocol?

Feb. 18, Yvo de Boer will step down on July 1

Feb. 8, Next climate summit: Nov. 29 -- Dec. 10 in Cancun, Mexico.

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