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Site Organization:

  • Library (url=lib) - Lists all GEPC Papers  and  all other paper by GEPC authors
    • 2009 GEPC Papers (url=2009) -- a folder containing GEPC paper abstracts and online (html) documentation
      • Annotated list of 2009 papers
      • 09-04: Global Rebound (url=04) -- an abstract page for paper 09-04
        • 09-04: Calculations for Rebound (url=calcs) -- page showing calculations
    • 2010 GEPC Papers (url=2010)  etc. etc.
    • Recommended Papers (url=outside) -- A list of recommended paper, not related to GEPC
        Pages NOT shown to the public:
    • GEP Center Document Cabinet (url=GEPCdocs) -- File cabinet for all GEPC research paper, op-eds, etc.
    • Outside Document Cabinet (url=outdocs) -- File cabinet for all local non-GEPC documents
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  • CO2:  Real-time ppm. Seasonally adjusted real-time ppm.
  • Cumulative total oil pumped.
  • Cumulative total fossil emissions.
  • Cumulative total wind output & emission reductions
  • Peak oil, Peak date, current oil production.
  • New type: Predict the future  (oil, CO2, ...)
  • compact energy calculator + carbon calculator
  • Graphs with links